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There are changes on the horizon with the Association for the Education of Young Children at the national, state and local levels.  There are two general changes happening here in Washington:

1.   A new structure for affiliates.  Washington AEYC remains as the state affiliate.  Local affiliates were given the opportunity to become chapters of the state affiliate.  Several have chosen to do that There will be more info about the new state chapters coming soon!  Other groups around the state will have the opportunity to become chapters to engage in activities that support the mission of the association.   We are hopeful this increased flexibility will mean lots more activity by members who come together for a single activity without needing to be a fully formed affiliate. 

2.   New membership categories will be announced in mid-September by the National association.  These categories will offer more access and more benefits.  NAEYC is excited to deliver even more value to you, the member, this fall, with new benefits and more opportunities at the national and Affiliate levels.

This “reboot” of our professional organization is an important time for reinventing WAEYC and we want you to be a part of our new beginnings.  There are several things you can do right away to get ready for the change:

1.    If you are a current member, be on the lookout for messages from the National association, especially about your contact information with them.  August 25 is an important deadline for members to make sure their email addresses are current.  It is important to note that each individual member needs to have a unique email address to receive communication from the National association (no shared address for several teachers at a center, for example, i.e. won’t work).  You will be receiving information from NAEYC about insuring your email address is current, or how to check and/or update. 

2.    If you are a lapsed member, re-joining now will not limit your access to additional benefits to be received with the new membership categories.  So restart now to start receiving information about upcoming changes right away. 

3.   If you have questions about how the changes affect chapters, individual members or the state association, you can comment on our Facebook page and we’ll post information there.  Also, please join us at the WAEYC conference to learn more.  The conference will be after the kick off of the new membership categories, so there will be lots more information available there.  To learn about attending the conference, go to
2017 WAEYC Conference

October 26-28, 2018
Lynnwood Convention Center