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Updated 9/5/2018

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Director of Early Learning Quality Improvement


Description, Responsibilities and Duties



The state’s most trusted child care resource is seeking an experienced, accomplished, highly-skilled leader to join our team in support of our vision that “Every family in Washington has access to high-quality early learning choices for their children, and every child care program has the resources and support needed to help prepare children for success in life. The director position is a key position in the organization providing overall leadership in the development and implementation of Quality Improvement services across the early learning system. The new Director will have demonstrated success leading a team of skilled Program Managers whose collective goal is to increase the capacity of the early learning (specifically Early Achievers) workforce through on-going Relationship-Based Professional Development. These high-quality technical assistance, coaching and continuing education services are culturally and linguistically appropriate and responsive to a diverse e! arly learning workforce. In addition to working with internal staff, the Director serves a pivotal role developing, with her/his staff, strong, effective, productive working relationships with regional staff, the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) and the University of Washington’s Cultivate Learning.


The successful candidate will offer an innovative, collaborative style, understand professional boundaries in representing the organization, and demonstrated success implementing quality control and program and professional development.



1. Oversee Quality Improvement (QI), and program services provided by the Child Care Aware of Washington (CCA of WA) system to early learning professionals across Washington State.

2. Lead the overall quality implementation and expansion of program services provided by the CCA of WA system under the Early Start Act (ESA) and Early Achievers Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).

3. Communicate with individuals at different levels of authority throughout the sector and effectively synthesize information, actions and expectations for your team and leadership.

4. Lead efforts to provide skill-building and professional development opportunities for the Relationship-Based Professional Development workforce (i.e. coaches, trainers, consultants, TA Specialists).

5. Collaborate with the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), the University of Washington and other statewide partners on the development and implementation of policies, procedures and program services related to Early Achievers and early learning.

6. Provide leadership to CCA of WA regions on the implementation of Early Achievers policies and procedures so statewide program targets are achieved.

7. Lead the CCA of WA program team, including developing program managers and support staff in all aspects of the early learning sector.

8. Cultivate new opportunities that may result in additional QI and PD services provided by the CCA of WA system.

9. Contribute to state-level systems discussions on workforce development, including career pathways for early learning professionals.

10. Skillfully manage strong productive relationships with regional leadership, state-level partners and between program staff and respective stakeholders.

11. Provide a written a monthly report for the CEO that clearly synthesizes the work of the QI department articulating goals, achievements and outstanding projects in a concise and complete manner.

12. Develop and track program budget(s), program outcomes and statistical data in partnership with the Directors of Finance and Accountability and Data and Evaluation.

13. Represent CCA of WA at local, state and national gatherings and conferences.


Minimum Qualifications/Requirements



• Well-grounded knowledge and experience in the Early Learning environment • Ability to:

• Clearly convey strategic vision

• Set parameters, limitations and guidelines • Adept relationship manager providing strong team leadership • Set, adapt and achieve goals • Ability to hold the vision for the collective team and move the team to the end result • Adept at change management, flexible and versatile while maintaining forward momentum • Possess a collaborative style with respect for equity and diversity • Ability to build collaborative relationships in this framework • Think big, while paying attention to the details • Organizational, analysis and problem-solving skills • Effectively bridge policy and practice • Manage performance within a climate of change • Synthesize multiple perspectives • Excellent interpersonal and listening skills • Mature judgment and decision-making ability • Ability to research and provide succinct written reports



• Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Public Policy, Human Development, or related field required. Master’s Degree preferred.

• Four years’ experience:

• Leading program development and implementation, preferably in a non-profit environment.

• Providing quality supervision and coaching to mid-level staff.

• Additional experience:

• Cultivating new program opportunities, including contributing to grant development processes.

• Developing and implementing data-driven programming, including using data tracking systems to improve outcomes.

• Working within a government funding and policy environment, with demonstrated success in achieving contract deliverables.

• Proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite and with other technologies used to host webinars and virtual meetings.


Salary and Benefits



• $80,000 to $93,000


Start Date


Oct - Nov., 2018


Application Procedures



Send resume, cover letter and up to three examples of your best work (PDF and online portfolios are encouraged) to Robin Lester, CEO, Child Care Aware of Washington careers@wa.childcareaware.org<mailto:careers@wa.childcareaware.org> or mail to 1001 Pacific Avenue, Suite 400, Tacoma, WA 98402.


Name of School/Center/University/City, State, Province


ORGANIZATION: Child Care Aware of Washington, Tacoma Washington


Program Description


Child Care Aware of Washington is our state’s most thorough and accessible source of information and support for families seeking quality child care and a trusted partner to child care professionals. CCA of WA provides culturally responsive coaching, technical assistance and professional development services that enhance statewide child care quality and consistency. We deliver services through a statewide network of locally-based partners. We strategically customize our services, collect and analyze performance data, inform and guide public policy, and provide unique leadership to support the Washington state child care system.


Child Care Aware of Washington is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and honor the people we serve through our policies and practice. It is with intent and purpose that we strongly encourage people of color, people who speak a second language and people with disabilities to apply.


Name and Contact for Inquiries


Send resume, cover letter and up to three examples of your best work (PDF and online portfolios are encouraged) to Robin Lester, CEO, Child Care Aware of Washington careers@wa.childcareaware.org<mailto:careers@wa.childcareaware.org> or mail to 1001 Pacific Avenue, Suite 400, Tacoma, WA 98402.

New Job Posting: 08/12/2018




Program Manager


Description, Responsibilities and Duties

Oversee Right At School educator team, including enrichment specialists, vendors to ensure the delivery of engaging, interactive educational experience
Develops strong relationships with school administration, parents, PTA organizations in order to provide best care for children and ensure customer satisfaction
Meets and reports regularly to the Area Manager regarding program, site, and staff performance
Manage staff compliance with district-specific policies and procedures
Deliver dynamic Right At School curriculum, support homework completion, lead fun fitness activities, and guide children at play
Engage children in academic and social enrichment activities that expand school day learning in a meaningful way
Model positive guidance and effective classroom management to maintain the safety and well-being and attention of all children
Ensure the highest quality programming that fosters the 4Cs: Character, Confidence, Creativity and Conditioning
Organize program materials for lessons and activities, as well as document attendance, incidents and other observation
Manage and orders supplies as needed according to curriculum
Other duties as assigned



Education requirements: 30 credits in Early Childhood Education, similar degrees that I know will count are Elementary Education, Education degree, Teaching certificate, and Substitute Certification. A CDA counts as 12 ECE credits so that plus additional credits will suffice as well.


SALARY AND BENEFITS: Competitive hourly rate with benefits + sign on bonus


Start Date


August 20, 2018




Program Description

Right At School is passionate about providing a wide range of exceptional and affordable enrichment, child-care programs before, during and after school to as many students, parents and schools as possible.

We understand that before and after the school bell rings, children just want to have fun. Our educator teams spark critical thinking and child-driven projects, while promoting self-confidence, team building, leadership skills, and a joy for learning.



Name and Contact for Inquiries


School districts in Puyallup, Wa, Renton, WA


New Job Posting: 06/5/2018




Early Childhood Program Specialist 3


Description, Responsibilities and Duties


The Viking Union welcomes and engages students, faculty, staff, and guests in building a diverse community. We continually strive to enhance the Western Experience through supporting student leadership, campus involvement and creative expression, and by providing services and events in our venues. The Child Development Center is a service of the Viking Union Organization and provides early learning opportunities for the children of students, faculty and staff of the Western Community.


This position is a lead classroom teacher and is supported by the work of the Early Childhood Specialist 2, which is the assistant teacher in the classroom.


This is a 9.5 month cyclic position.


As our lead classroom teacher, you will conduct work assignments in support of a positive and inclusive relationships with other diverse staff and students and provide services in a positive and inclusive manner.


Your responsibilities will include:


Teaching and developmental management of children at the CDC

Develop curriculum following the center's philosophy to involve children in all domains of learning

Supervise children involved in activities

Use positive guidance in establishing classroom expectations of behavior

Provide ample activity options

Organize supplies for activities ahead of time

Foster a culture of respect for the supplies and equipment children use

Create the culture of kindness and empathy of children towards each other

Encourage children to be purposeful in their choice of activities and play

Promote self-help skills

Plan, facilitate, clean up and evaluate activities in your classroom each week

Plan and facilitate the preparation, presentation, and cleanup of projects and activities

Handle emergencies and administer all medications per licensing guidelines

Prepare accident and incident reports

Supervise all transition times involving groups of children

Plan and facilitate field trips

Maintain constant surveillance of all areas and equipment, being observant of danger areas and needed repairs

Participate in the planning and arranging of the physical spaces at the center to make them conductive to experiential learning by the children

Parent/Caregiver liaison

Create visual displays to document children's learning

Assist parents in sharing their special skills and play abilities with the children

Prepare individual assessments for children's learning

Meet with parents to discuss their child's assessment during formal conference

Extend support to the student/parent/family by remaining available for, and open to conferencing

Assist parents in inter-parent communication when appropriate

Train and work with Assistant Teachers, Student Employees, Volunteers and ECE students

Supervise parents, work study and long-term practicum students in CDC areas

Work with Program Manager and Office Assistant in scheduling parent and student hours

Mentor AS CDC interns for one or more quarters each year to meet their educational requirements

Conduct periodic student worker meetings and student employee training and be prepared to respond to the needs of the students in relation to their work

Meet regularly with students participating in the center as part of college course work to respond to their educational needs

Meet with faculty of students participating at the center as part of the student's evaluation process

Work with the Program Manager to evaluate students

Organizational support/meetings

Attend all organization and general parent meetings

Attend student employee trainings

Prepare to discuss specific issues and present relevant information about the workings of the center

Facility care

Participate in the mechanics of organizing the center at the beginning of each quarter

Organize classroom and storage area

Make minor emergency adjustments and repairs to facility and equipment

Participate in planning for purchase of new equipment and replacement items

Other duties as assigned

As a core value, you will participate in diversity/cultural competency opportunities. You will actively participate in training or staff development opportunities to support the development of competence and effectiveness in the areas of inclusion, diversity, multicultural and cross-cultural communication, and other related topics.


Minimum Qualifications/Requirements


45 college quarter hours in early childhood development/education/special education or equivalent OR a Bachelor's degree in ECE or a Child Development Associate Credential

Ability to build positive relationships with children, families, and staff

Good communication and observation skills

Competent in compute skills needed for documentation and displays using Microsoft Word, etc.

Demonstrated ability to work with diverse populations


Salary and Benefits


New hires typically start at $2984/month; including an excellent benefits package


Start Date


September 2018


Application Procedures


Apply at https://bit.ly/2JpZyGE<https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3a%2f%2fbit.ly%2f2JpZyGE.&c=E,1,3rUAhbAImXMbw2K_V4JiHQDIGKRrfFcVniA9AALcrc74T7Bo5N7mOtSOcanTKJ6F-DMTYjJzdQLcsOS9-fPLW7KwqUx5uY8i2-cM01SF&typo=1>.


A cover letter and resume are required and should address your experience related to the position responsibilities and the required and preferred qualifications.


Please include the names and contact information of three professional references.


Name of School/Center/University/City, State, Province


Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA 98225


Program Description


The AS Child Development Center is a service of the Viking Union Organization and provides early learning opportunities for the children of students and staff of the Western Community. The Viking Union welcomes and engages students, faculty, staff, and guests in building a diverse community. We continually strive to enhance the Western Experience through supporting student leadership, campus involvement and creative expression, and by providing services and events in our venues.


Name and Contact for Inquiries


Human Resources