• Dedicated to providing quality professional development opportunities that are affordable.
  • An advocate for equitable compensation for staff in our profession.
  • Committed to providing and supporting education that is inclusive, culturally relevant and promotes anti-bias.
  • A voice for high quality care, education and support for all young children and their families by participating in legislative action and public awareness.
  • An active participant and leader, coordinating efforts with other professionals and community groups.

Promoting Quality

Strategy: Research, publish and disseminate information and thinking

  • Concept papers on Quality, Professionalism & Sustainability
  • Policy development and advocacy
  • Conferences
  • Website, newsletter and other publications
  • Conversation convening


Supporting Professionalism

Strategy: Promote Program Quality & Professional Qualifications and Compensation

  • Subsidy & Scholarship training
  • State Training & Registry System
  • Conferences
  • Collaborative/ELAA participation
  • Web site resources
  • Member mobilization
  • Local advancement efforts

Facilitating Member Connections

Strategy: Enhance Learning & Sharing Networks

  • Affiliate Council
  • Affiliate Chapter functioning & member recruitment
  • Early learning program quality & sustainability
  • Peer mentoring & support
  • Web connection resources
  • Conferences
  • Key alliances